The real estate industry needs green education to revive current markets

The real estate industry needs green education to revive current markets

I do not exercise real estate right now, but I also see that the real estate industry and all affiliate industries need market conversion and they need it quickly. I can remember the days when life was good when I was a real estate agent. Works on 4 and 6 active contracts per month. Participate in 4 to 6 home inspections, help buyers with financing opportunities, meet mortgage loans and coordinate every day 4 and 6 transactions a month. Then get paid. Then in all of this I had 4 and 5 buyers to work with and 3 or 4 sellers who wanted market analysis at their homes. Who ever told agents in residential and commercial markets does not work hard?

Try a schedule like that. Now try to show all this away. Can you imagine a world where an agent shows a buyer 20 and 30 home, and they do not buy or even with big credit, does the lender let them down?

Try to show the fact that agents do this for 4 6 buyers? Can you plan to sign contracts and have back and forth communication on situations that you know will not work? Sellers painting on the agents recommendation just to have a home sitting and sitting. Builders who have land that is not developed? To pay taxes while you can not pay your contractors and your support staff reduces. Agents advertise with their own money and houses just do not sell? Did I terminate you as an agent, pay 2000 a year to stay on business, for incidents such as license renewal, ads, association and MLS fees and training credits? How about loan officers who continue trying to refinance people and can not get them a loan? Think of the home inspector waiting for the agents to write business. Everyone hurts.

Is there anything in sight? Is there anything that can reverse this? YES

Now I have another scenario for you. You are a buyer or seller of real estate. You want an agent that is green certified to help you understand green attributes in your homes. You want to put your home on the market or buy and want your agent who is also your friend or relative to help you. They say they have a 6,000 certification and have been green certified by Green Real Estate Education. They think they only had to pay 99 to learn how energy efficiency and green these issues have to do with the home you may want to buy or sell. In the current economy, they did not choose to spend hundreds or thousands and neither to learn about energy efficiency to respect their conscience. Can you already see the value of working with this agent? This certified real estate broker has been trained to help you understand how you can keep your insurance low and have a healthier indoor air quality. The agent works with 2 or 3 GCHIs green certified home inspectors. They have 2 Green Certified Mortgage Professionals GCMP who know how to finance energy efficient upgrades or special loans for newer energy efficient housing.

This agent likes to work with buyers who also want a key that is only 500 1,000 per year. Sparkling interest already? You hear that the green building ideals offer a healthier indoor air quality. Interesting. You will find a home that has an Energy Star environment for residents, Green Build or LEED green certification. Priced the same as other homes, the home has a low bill and energy efficient systems and uses sun and is also in the perfect area. What should you choose?

You call a Green Certified Real Estate Agent, a GCREP, and say, what can I do to help my home sell in a year or so? They will recommend replacing all light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED products that are much more efficient and color with non toxic color, providing sound and efficient insulation. Are not these suggestions a little different than normal advice. They also have the 6000 certification across the country.

In the next few years, you may not want to sell now, but the green certified agent, the inspector or the mortgage professor has taken two levels of certification to learn even more and advise you to get an energy audit and from the results they propose to upgrade your widows , the insulation, the roof and you do not want to get a second mortgage. They start to tell about the state that offers a program with PACE concept. What is PACE you ask? Property based Clean Energy Program PACE is designed to allow landowners to install energy efficiency, renewable energy and water efficiency projects and repay these costs as an item on their property tax or insurance bill depending on the state and local options. Wow, half of my family members are in the construction industry and out of work, which is a good way for them to have work. Do we think job seekers? You did not even know this.

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